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How to Help During Kitten Season

Every year in the summer, animal shelters experience an influx of cats and kittens known as “kitten season.” During this time, many litters of kittens end up homeless making their way to local animal shelters or living together outside in community colonies. Here are some ways you can help shelters and rescues during this time as valuable resources become unavailable.

  1. Foster a kitten. This is a very simple way to help your community. It frees up space in the shelters while providing a nurturing environment as they are waiting for a forever home.

  2. Participate in the TNVR program. Many cats who need help are on the street. Support the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return program for feral colonies around your area. This program has been practiced for decades in the US showing that it is a great way to prevent overpopulation.

  3. Spay or neuter your pet.  Did you know that cats can get pregnant as early as five months old? Getting your cat fixed as early as possible is the best way of preventing overpopulation this season. In addition, it helps certain unwanted behavior like yowling or urinating in the house.

  4. Adopt a cat. If you have room for a feline companion in your home, consider adopting a cat during kitten season. Many cats are overlooked when there are many adorable kittens in the shelter. This means an adult cat’s chances of being adopted diminish during this time.

  5. Donate to your local shelter. This time of the year is very stressful for shelters and rescues because space and resources are limited.  If you have time, call your local shelter and ask about their wish list. Most of the time, they need toys, blankets, cat foodkitten food,treats, etc. They may also need funds to help with medical bills. 

Have you fostered or adopted? Share your tips and experiences during kitten season in the comments below. 

4 thoughts on “How to Help During Kitten Season”

  1. We have adopted a Cat that really does not like other “Critters.” But, we help others when and where we can without aggravating our boy!! My husband works at a Missouri State Park, where Very Ignorant Folks dump their unwanted “Fur Babies” all the time, that is where “Stillwater, the Cat” came from!! My husband and His Maintenance Crew makes sure those poor “Fur Babies” are seen to, not just left in the park!!

  2. I fostered five years ago, and there was no room at no-kill shelters. We got homes for two together, but the mom and other four kittens are still here. I could not bear the thought of them going to a place they may not come out of. Foster Fail
    If I knew the mother and kittens would be safe, I’d do it again.

  3. It’s kitten season here in Orlando and I’ve got 4 (3 siblings and an orphan) in my care right now, along with 4 resident ‘biggies’! Fostering is hard, but so worthwhile. There are so many resources available to help guide you through the process if you are new and it’s so rewarding to see a tiny, scared baby kitten grow into a strong young adult ready for spay/neuter and adoption.

    So if you can adopt (especially older cats or the moms), Adopt.
    If you can’t adopt, Foster.
    If you can’t foster, Volunteer.
    If you can’t volunteer, DONATE.

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