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7 Things That Surprise New Dog Owners

Maybe you’ve had dogs in your family your whole life, or perhaps you became a dog lover recently. But whatever the case, do you remember when you brought home your first dog? There were probably many things that surprised you about what having a canine BFF was really like. 

Here a few that we remember. 

Dogs are Smart 

Sure, we know dogs are smart. But it’s still amazing when they do something unexpected that leaves you thinking they really do understand everything we say. They figure out how to unlatch gates (smart, yes, but also frustrating!), do tricks we never taught them, sniff out illness, keep us out of harm’s way and more. 

And Sometimes Not So Smart

For every smart thing your dog surprises you with, he’ll turn around do something dumb like eat a sock. Don’t get complacent…keep your house pet proofed at all times. And remember, sometimes their intelligence gets dogs into trouble! 

Every Dog is Unique 

Everyone knows the quintessential image of a dog: tail wagging, loves people and other dogs, fetches balls, chews on bones, is loyal to a fault and will pull you out of a burning barn without hesitation. Well, better get that idea in check. Sure there are dogs like that but not many. Dogs are individuals just like people are! Some dogs are happy and, well, some are just plain old grumpy (but we love them anyway). Some dogs love to play with other dogs and some dogs don’t like the canine kind. Fetching is for some, but others like playing tug instead. Some dogs love being snuggled, while others give you the paw when you come in for a hug. Some dogs like kids, and others, well, not so much. We learn our pups’ preferences pretty quickly.  

Training is Essential

Dogs aren’t born knowing what to do like walk nicely on a leash, sit or come to you when you call them. You have to train them! Whether they’re just a little puppy or an adult dog, training is one of the most loving and beneficial things you can do for your dog. Training helps them understand their spot in the world, keeps them safe from harm and helps build that bond between you and your pooch. 

Dogs Know Their Routines

You might think that the life of a dog is all just “whatever goes,” but if you could ask a dog, he’d tell you exactly what his day consists of every day. His first walk of the day, breakfast, get kids off to school, stare out the window, bother the cat, take a nap in the living room, go on a walk with the dog walker, take another nap, this time in the kitchen, bark at the mailman, and wait patiently until his people come back home. And make no mistake; he knows exactly what your car sounds like from down the street. He’ll be waiting for you. 

You Get Used to the Pet Hair 

Sure, there are some dogs like Poodles or Portuguese Water Dogs that don’t really shed. But most dogs? Pet hair city! Many new dog owners are shocked at the amount of fur and where it ends up! Better invest in some sticky rollers, friend. Pet hair ends up in the vents, the fridge, on your clothes, in your car, on your computer keyboard and yes, even in your dinner.  The sooner you can embrace this fact, the better. P.S. brushing your dog regularly and using supplements can keep his skin and hair healthy.  The most surprising thing about this? Most dog owners barely notice the hair after a while. 

They Wiggle Their Way Into Your Heart – Fast

It’s always a shock how quickly a dog (even a naughty one!) can figure out how wiggle his way into your heart so that you can’t imagine life without him. 

How do they do that? 

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5 thoughts on “7 Things That Surprise New Dog Owners”

  1. I am a senior lady who has dogs my whole life. They have brought much joy to my heart and the ONLY time they broke my heart is when we had to say goodbye. My motto is “Adopt-don’t shop” and your rescued friend will show you unconditional love forever. As far as hair in the hour-also invest in a good vacuum-lol.

  2. I lost my last dog four years ago and haven’t had the heart to adopt another one, but I love everyone else’s dog as I walk along our community walking path.

  3. I also am a senior lady and I concur with all her comments–especially about saying goodbye! Something that never gets easier–said goodbye to 3 so far, and #4 is almost 10 already! I could NEVER be without a dog, they keep you young–and healthy!

  4. I agree whole heartedly with Jean’s comment. I adopted an 8 year old red tabby whose owner could no longer take care of him. He was so frightened and confused when he came to live with me, and he hid under my bed for a week, but I just ignored him, made sure he had food and water, and clean litter so when he came out late at night, when the coast was clear, he could eat, drink and use his litter. After a couple weeks, he slowly came to the edge of the bed and allowed me to scratch his tummy, he loves to head butt! Then, when I was at my computer, I could see him peeking at me from the couch, but when I looked at him, he would dart back to the bed. It didn’t take long though, for him to realize I was his new mom. It will be a year on Mother’s Day since I brought him home, he is now nine, and he is just the most lovable boy. I can barely use the computer as he wants to sit on my lap or sit on the desk and gently rub his head against me as I am trying to type. At night, he cuddles me like a little kid, with his paws nearly around my neck, and just purring away. I had lost my other two cats at the age of 17, and I hope Thor lives that long, or longer. Would love to have a dog, and had them all my life, but I am at the point where funds are not what they used to be, and I know that keeping cats on very healthy food, and inside keeps them healthy and out of harms way. If I could, I would have a place out in the country, with an on call Vet, and all the money in the world to care for animals who can’t find a forever home to come live with me. I adore all animals, and I can’t stand to see them abused!

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