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DonnaNewPicCroppedQuestion: My 2 year old male cat has what looks like a swollen upper lip. At first we thought he had a massive overbite, but at closer look it looks to be sore. What could it be and what can we do for him?

Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. There is a condition called the “Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex” which commonly affects young cats and results in a swollen upper or lower lip.

Here is a link to an article about this condition: Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex.

There are other things that could look this way so I would definitely recommend you see your veterinarian for a complete exam and get a diagnosis so you can give your cat some relief from the swelling.

Good luck.
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. My two year old male cat has a swollen and red lower lip. It looks like there is a bite mark in the center but it is a single hole , what can I do to help? I am really low on money so I don’t want to take him to the vets if not necessary.

  2. My cat has the same thing But it doesn’t seem to be growing and it has gotten alot smaller but clearly still there and like you I am very low on funds and cannot afford a vet at this time

  3. My cat has a swollen mark on her lower lip like a bee sting or something what can I do to help her I don’t have money to take her to a vet

  4. My cat isn’t even one year old yet and he has a swollen lower lip more on the left side, my mom can’t afford to bring him to the vet and I’m worried about him. He’s my best friend

    • Hey jenna Has your cat gotten better ? My cat has a swollen mouth corner and i cant afford a vet rn. How Long did it take for your kitti’s swelling to go down?

  5. My 1 year old male cat seems to have one side of his upper lip swollen and it looks irritated and sort of raw he has had it for a couple weeks and we cant take him to the vet is this serious does anyone know???? Can we cure it at home? What are the causes?

  6. My 3 year old female cat just lost her new born five kittens just the day she gave birth to them. And after 3 to 4 days her lower left jaw swallowed badly. She’s not eating anything she used to eat regularly. Her behavior is like max time she’s sleeping. I’m really tensed about it. Please give me some suggestions.

  7. My 3 year old tabby just recently got a swollen lower lip. He hasn’t had one since I’ve had him (will be 2 years on June). I suspect a flea bite, I just recently put flea medicine on him. I got bit too. He eats just fine and doesn’t appear to be in pain. He stopped eating his wet food after I tried slipping him some benadryl. I just bought some HomeoPet allergy medicine. Anyways, how long does it typically take for the swelling to go down?

    *my mom said he could have got a spider bite. He does like to eat small spiders.

  8. I say to the person who’s cat had kittens , there are free spay and neuter clinics around , to you all please fix your cats and make sure they all wear ID’s , don’t make more kittens , there already so many that need forever homes , 1,000,000,00 each year are put to death because of people who can’t seem take the time to get them fixed ..

  9. I have a 23 yr old cat. I noticed tonight her bottom lip is swollen on the right side. Also her top lip is also swollen. Any idea what this could be.

  10. my cat has a swollen upper lip. it comes and goes away on its own…but now its here and wont go away what can i give her…please help..

  11. My 7 week cat has a swollen upper lip. He seems fine I even gently pressed on it too see if it caused him pain. He made no sound or cry out. He was playing outside… I just wanted to know If I should be worried about this.

  12. My12 year old cat, Franti, has a large swollen lower lip. He has had this issue many times throughout his life and they have gone away rather quickly on their own. This time though, it’s not going away and is seeming to get larger. I think when he cleans his fur, which he’s doing more of it seems, he’s making it worse. He’s seeming uncomfortable like he’s having a hard time sleeping for long periods of time which he normally will do and he’s seeming extra needy to be right next to me. Just curious what can be done at home to help his lip. Curious what suggestions anyone above may have from their experience. I think I will take him to vet today but I also don’t have a lot of extra money at this time.

  13. My female cat had gotten and swollen bottom lip, just today 6/6/2020. it looks to be scraped but i’m not sure, any ideas?

  14. We have a cat, She has formed a swollen bottom lip, which has been there for a couple of days. It has not changed colour, but does look as if there are little while coloration at the top. I have tried to have a better look, she doesn’t make a noise as if painful. She is eating, fine and not sneeezing or dribbling.

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